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My Baby Genome

Whole Genome Sequencing

+65 actionable diseases tested

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Made of Genes provides the first personal genome databank in the world. Sequence your genome, or the genome of your baby, and store it forever to access unlimited personalized healthcare serices guided by trustred professionals.

With My Baby Genome program, you will have access to your baby´s DNA and rule out 65 diseases at birth to discard monogenetic diseases, do an early risk assessment, identify any possible rare disease or even obtain a family history.


Now and forever

Get your genome once, access the first report, and re-use the data as much as you want. Available wherever you are, whenever you want, stored forever.

Guided by the best

Physicians, experts in precision medicine, will guide you while interpreting your genomic information and counsel you in each step

100% privacy

With our patented encryption method, only you decide who has access to your genome, to which parts and why, with total security and transparency.

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